Official Diogenes' Rage Discussion

Hi, in the package.json file you have to put exactly what version of sqlite-async you want to use, just replace the line with this:

“sqlite-async”: “1.1.3”


Use the turbo intruder from burpsuite , is more easy.

Solved this one yesterday, I felt like I was doing it with a Steam gift card and getting rich :flushed:

Speed is the goal, you need to be superhuman fast, and if you need help, R is always here

The problem with this kind of challenge is either you are absolutely 100% sure your way is the right way because you already have the experience needed, or someone tells you how to proceed. Otherwise I don’t see why you would persist down an alley that only gives the same error again and again.

Anyway, I don’t know if Python is a bad choice or what, but I had to do it from my host, not my VM, and I had to resort to multiprocessing, not multithreading.