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yes, I changed the payload as per windows. still no luck

Don’t forget to have a jdk folder with exact name mentioned in same directory

can’t get a shell, I did everything I could do, even changed vpn and resetted the machine countless times…

nvm, got it.

can someone send me its walkthrough / writeup for this machine i saw a video on yt but half of the screen is not recorded

Yes, you dont need to use any minecraft you only need to send a chat message, maybe theres another (free) client for just chat…? -much easier

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I don’t know why my http server is not getting any response from target but my netcat gets the replay back from the target. Any recommendation?

the same problem

Iam getting this same error.

Anyone facing same error. If i reset the machine; ill get connected to the minecraft server.
Otherwise no luck. And the connection will get terminated in just seconds.

Super unstable box. Glad I had a private instance.

Yup constantly… Tried a variety of VPNs but they all seem to not work.

just owned the machine, not easy with user flag tbh, it keeps disconnecting amidst resets by other users. Instead of resetting i suggest reconnecting vpn , only EU worked for my case

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I have a shell and trying to escalate privilege using runas command to run payload as administrator but what happened is
After running the command password prompt automatically skipped ( It does not let me enter the password)
the command i ran / $runas /user:Administrator payload.exe
I have tried different commands for runas but none of them worked!!
Any suggestion or hint ?

I used RunasCS.

Well I doubled the memory for my VM and enabled 3D accelleration for the Video. Just keep fingers crossed and reset the machine again. Sometimes it works…

The problem with this box is that if you use one of the more common PoC’s, the server completely hangs. So only one player can exploit it before the box has to be reset.

Do you mean use this “RunasCs” as command?!

Sorry I am totally newbie !

Instead of opening a new powershell. you can executed a script from attack host in victim shell. IEX :wink:

Hiow to use:

I used the -r option to get a reverse shell.