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no says host not reachable

Finally pwned that awesome windows machine! :slight_smile:
Some hints for the ones struggling:

  • do some normal windows enumeration, downloading and grepping is very handy here. after that force the secret to reveal itself
  • I’ve got to a ■■■■ of a rabbit hole here! Finding the initial vector is easy, but exploiting is kinda tricky. Google is your friend here, dunno what else is to say.

Anyway, if any1 needs a nudge, feel free to PM me


Are there supposed to be that many? I got 11

Studying the nmap output is a good idea btw. Some ppl who pm me missed out something interesting there.
So I guess that’s another user hint: check out the opened ports, combining it with the information from another source will show you the way forward.


Funny thing is that the whole root is like 5 lines in bash

Quite a lot of credentials! But the ones you really need must be forced out!

i get the cred. but which port to use it. i confuse… look around :dizzy_face:

can anyone tell how can i get the secret file, I have the code, but how to use them ?

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Anyone mind to DM me and drop a hint on Foothold? :slight_smile:

Looking for a nudge on what to do after decyption

Anyone kind enough to PM me a hint on decrypting the text? I’ve tested several passwords and also another variable I found but can’t get it working.

EDIT: Nevermind I was overthinking it.

hey guys where to find bind password tried all the passwords which i found but none of them worked.

I am stuck on foothold, i don’t know what to do. Any tips?

password is rabbit hole ?

there are multiple
some are, some arent

Can someone give some tips for enumerating it? I am a bit strugled with passwords and some files i got but thats it, if some one can pm me it will be awesome

Same … I’m stuck on decryption :confused:

i found this with google

This one was fun! If someone get stuck or want to bounce ideas feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

Finally pwned this one. Very good Windows box with a nice twist on the OG formula.

I’ll be around in DMs if anyone has been stuck for an unreasonable amount of time.