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i think its a ploy to distract us

Just got root, can confirm it is not a ploy to distract you

Privesc part is frustrating…

Finally got root! The last bit was more akin to a medium box. Definitely learned a lot though :slight_smile:

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Privesc part is frustrating…


If I am on the right path for the root then I think I will need some hint here about the privesc part using the provided stuff. Not able to figure out even after lot of googling.

For Privesc:

After a basic enum, you will find a specific command that you can run.

Then, start with a sample code, maybe hello-world.

Then, try to modify the sample, think about what you can run, how it works, what you can add. Once you understand how it works, you will be able to root.

And im sorry if the above message spoil too much.

Stucked on the br********* user. Got the pass from m****l but it does not work. Maybe changed in D*****l ? Someone to help in private ?

Any nudges on the user would be much appreciated.

Anyone else struggling to spawn the machine/connect to ‘release arena’ ovpn? Never had an issue before.

anyone having trouble with connecting to the data***e?

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anyone having trouble with connecting to the data***e?
Yes I am facing that issue too.

maybe it is not the intended way but i found nothing although this is my first time solving drupal box with a “no****n” shell

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anyone having trouble with connecting to the data***e?
Yes I am facing that issue too.

Me too.

I pretended my commands were working and then found a command that would show my output based on an error

Got user, working on root. Root seems fairly straight forward, will just require research and prep in a piece of software I haven’t ever had to learn about.

If you are staging/debugging your s***, and are in a kali/etc vm, you’ll need to enable nested kvm features for your vm. For instance in Virtualbox, you’ll go to the VM’s settings → System → Processor → and tick the box for “enable nested vt-x/amd-v”.

EDIT: rooted :slight_smile:

Please dm me and provide some hints please I am stuck on a****e user

Need help with user, dm please

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Need help with user, dm please

The user is relatively simple, take a look at the service and the version a little, it will help you a lot.

The root part is very frustrating, every time I try to upload and download my package to the system, it contacts an off-network API.

What’s wrong with m***l? Can’t log in