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Any tips ?

Depends on what you have done so far, be sure to also read the sentence on the Challenge page.

Hi guys, I am trying to solve this challenge, but I have a huge doubt: the readme says to install in a non rooted device. Is this information just a tip for the challenge of is it mandatory? If the answer is the second one: how can I install it if I don’t have a non-rooted device with API level 29 or earlier? Do I have to use some emulators? Do you have suggestions about that?
Thank you very much

I have had 0 success in getting an Android Studio AVD to run as an emulated non-root device

With all the digging I have done on this challenge (de compiling, Frida, MiTM) the last thing for me to do is to test on a Physical device…of which I do not have…

From a general Android reversing scenario it has highlighted to me that I should buy a cheap unrooted Android device for testing…all of my old Android devices are rooted,