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someone said that the IDOR has been fixed. so there’s no IDOR anymore.

ill try, thanks for this. i be coming back if i have rooted this machine.

Really? So only way in is the password on the debugs?

Since when though.

i think we have to crack the werkzeug debugger to get the console pin? i dont really know the exactly it is, im still trying lol

i managed to do it, DM if u are having troubble

FINALLY!! :weary: I Finally pawned it in 3 long days!! Shout out if you need some help :v:

Hi everyone,
I’m stuck for the user. I found interesting users with LFI then now I’m trying to get a SQLi to connect to the vault of these users, (particullarly c**** user). I’m trying with sqlmap and the login request but it don’t works. I also tried to manage with the Internal Server Error and the werkzeug debugger but it seems to not have a /console path.
Any hints please ?

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Same question, it seems to not have a /console path. Where to use the pin ?

Is the machine down today? I can neither nmap or access the web

I’ve been stuck on how to pivot to the edward user (currently corum) any nudges would be greatly appreciated!

The target is not agile.htb, it is another one. Try running whatweb and the ip of the machine and see the result.

Did you check for commands you can run with sudo -l?

Maybe it changed since you commented, but it wasn’t.

Wow this one was a lengthy one to say the least, I really had a facepalm moment when I was trying to unshadow the database entries when I completely disregarded the other table! lol really fell into a rabbit hole and just kept digging but once I saw the right entries it was straight going from there! FYI if it hasn’t been stated enough for this box, the PIN is definitely a necessity to figure out #wooted

I have found the url for the PIN and tried to use the link suggested to discover the pin. Even that I’m sure I got the right PIN it was not working and I keep seeing auth:false exhausted: false.
I also noticed the tip above regarding the modnames and appnames. I tried to add main to the modnames and even those PINs weren’t working. Any tip how to find the right PIN?

Sudo -l should work? since with corum I get that it may not run sudo -l on agile. Any other way to run it? Thanks

IDOR is patched and after following every step of the pin crack guide I still have no luck, is there a 3rd way to get the foothold?

same, were you able to get the right pin?

hi, I am able to create right PIN by following this article mentioned above

No, I followed the article but got nothing there that gave me the right pin. I read as I wrote above, about other module name and tried to add to the script. Not sure even if it is related or not, but still couldn’t get the right pin.