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Sure, it’d be helpful to know what exactly you tried doing, if you feel like it could be too much of a spoiler just send me a dm. Nevertheless, what is most important is towards the end of the blogpost about the Wekrzeug pin generation, do not bother recreating a virtual environment :wink:

Did anyone have ssh issue connectivity? Because I was able to find creds for initial foothold but the thing is that I am receiving timeout when trying to connect via ssh

It was hard for me, but i pwned c: and yeah, the answer is not only in the knowed payloads, you need investigate a little bit more and do


  • i see a file, when you see a file in a url or post param, is something than you can do
  • what was that error? you must investigate about it


  • what is that? that file are not usually in the linux machines, CVEs
  • yeah, you have a route and a payload, but it needs to be exactly like that? maybe you need to enumerate what else files do you have

i’m open to recive DMs but maybe take me a while answer

someone said that the IDOR has been fixed. so there’s no IDOR anymore.

ill try, thanks for this. i be coming back if i have rooted this machine.

Really? So only way in is the password on the debugs?

Since when though.

i think we have to crack the werkzeug debugger to get the console pin? i dont really know the exactly it is, im still trying lol

i managed to do it, DM if u are having troubble

FINALLY!! :weary: I Finally pawned it in 3 long days!! Shout out if you need some help :v: