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Official discussion thread for Absolute. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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Anyone for a hint on foothold ? I am so close and know what to do and but can’t really do it because of a restriction

me too
i stuck at user part

Can I DM you for foothold ?

Rooted. Wonderful box!

I have 2 accounts and think I found the path via Bloodhound for the next two accounts… but there is some reverse of an exe file and I’m stuck …
If someone has some hint about this step I would be an happy man :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance !
(sorry for my frenchie english :wink: )

Find another wire perhaps.

I tried to wire …s… it but I have nothing.

So when I tried the first time by using a wire in linux and an exe in my Win VM it didn’t work … but a file which is in etc in linux was configured but not in windows … and it works after updating thé Windows file ! I’m so dumb to forget it in my VM as I do it systematically in Linux :wink:

Thanks, I tried again this wire and it worked.