User was fun :slight_smile: Now on to root

4 minutes later: root was a bit disappointing

Need some help for regarding the server

Great Box.
I enjoyed the challenges :wink:

Foothold :

See what the function is doing and where is it interacting.

User : Easy Small Challenge

Root : Not sure on what to suggest as I did the unintended way.

Thanks @clubby789 for this box!

root easy way: patched
(rooted on catch way too)
Hack The Box

root… i love this box - i’m software developer and it was nice one for me :slight_smile:

feel free to pm for help

Done. Fun for juniors like me and straightforward. User harder, root simpler.

used gobuster dirbuster ffuf wfuzz and intruder still nothing
a small hint would be nice… please sent me a pm…

Type your comment> @madhack said:

used gobuster dirbuster ffuf wfuzz and intruder still nothing
a small hint would be nice… please sent me a pm…

just look for specific path

found it, thx people!

any proper hints available on how to find or where this “key” is ? really don’t like this box and it’s taking me triple the time it should due to 100% being python :frowning:

Just Rooted. I think in the unintended way since it was really too easy.

Guys need a nudge… Found what command to exploit… copied and run this server on my local machine… tested my exploit string… and it worked… but it doesnt work on Obscure machine… what do i miss??? it returns 404 error and shows my string which passes into that func correctly… but doesnt give a reverse shell…

Box patched now. Root part is harder.

Hint for root :
Code auditing. It’s sad you cant read the file quickly enough.

There are multiple ways for root using the py script. I found one not involving anything py at all.

there are atleast 4 ways…

So I have the script and an idea what to do but it doesn’t work. Not sure if I am on the right track. Trying to exploit e***c. (Hope that doesn’t spoil too much)
Can someone send me a little nudge?

Rooted. Fun box ! Kudo’s for the creator.

For nudges feel free to dm me.

Rooted Fun

PM for Hints

I thought that was a super fun box, I enjoyed every step

user: If you understand what it’s doing, you don’t even need to write a line of code to reverse it

root: I’m apparently opposite of everyone so far, as I thought root (I went intended way) was significantly harder than user (Thanks to @bertalting for the help), so if that’s you, don’t get discouraged by the comments, you aren’t alone. If you are stuck you might want to Watch where you are looking. Also, I had to create the /***/S**/ directory for some reason which I don’t understand, but if you are getting that error, try that.

Fun box. Finally rooted. User was super hard for me, thanks for all who helped me out with it. Root was rather simple, but dont think too hard on it…It will be obvious as others have said. PM if you need help!