Non-profit Global project seeks experienced IT expert to lead its Information-Intelligence sector

Our Projects to be unfolded in the following sequence over the next 6 years, intent to:

  1. Support slum communities in 3rd world countries, focusing on children’s poverty, health, education, & their care-takers’ microcredit & entrepreneurship. Fund them through a utility barter token, accessed via a mobile app on a blockchain platform. Goal is their DAO decentralised self-management in the next 6 years.

  2. Issue an ethically-oriented publicly traded crypto-token, a fusion of a stable-coin, an asset-investment coin and a utility coin – 100% asset-backed & audited quarterly/monthly by a 3rd party. Available only to community individuals - not corporations or professionals – placing a small size token cap/account.

  3. Launch a range of ethical holistic business & investment ventures, tokenise them & use them as collateral for the crypto-token book value, funding the projects’ global expansion through its market price appreciation.

  4. Develop a network of children orphanages. Acknowledge children’s high photonic energy contribution to humanity & focus on the nourishment of their vibrational frequency as means to develop a child-centered civilisation paradigm for the next generations.

  5. Invest in and/or Develop AI, Deep Learning, Quantum computing & DNA storage platforms and apply them to all our projects, as means to secure our diverse operations and ultimately liberate information flow.

  6. Acknowledge Poverty as a Lack of Energy and Wealth as an Excess of Energy, manifesting as economic, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or presence expressions & holistically balance them out.

  7. Acknowledge & tap onto the senior citizens’ unutilised potential energetic contribution & empower them.

  8. Create a synergistic energetic exchange model between 1st world elders and 3rd world children.

  9. Launch a Consciousness Energy Exchange platform, quantifying & exchanging all tangible & intangible energy forms.

                                                                                    What we seek in you:

Your Professional profile

  • Solid skills in diverse programming languages – expert in C, C++, Python
  • Participation & Awards in Pwn2Own, DEFCON & other CTF hacking contests
  • Working experience in cyber-security & new software development
  • A high reputation in hacking circles, across all layers of the web
  • A history of proven ethical attitude
  • Strong interest/experience in blockchain, AI, quantum computing
  • Ability to learn rapidly & in depth what you don’t know - either auto-didactically or outsourcing it

Your tasks
You will be in charge of a massive-scale research , data collection & analysis in all the fields of our projects, personally or/and by designing & delegating to a team or/and by outsourcing
You will design software & cyber-security protocols for apps, web, servers, blockchain, databases

Your Existential philosophy

  • Libertarian philosophy in regards to information access & privacy
  • Skepticism of all authority apparatus & their by-products
  • Discontentment & frustration with the social, political, economic, corporate systems
  • Strong motivation driven by altruistic or even utopic visions for humanity
  • Seeking a mission that fulfills your inner purpose

Is this your calling ?

  • Besides the necessary skills, talents & experience you possess in order to implement the complex tasks required, there is an essential element which is the most critical and will filter you IN or OUT of it.
  • That is the recognition that this is not a job, it is a mission.
  • Not someone else’s mission. It is YOUR lifetime mission.
  • All your past contentment has been related to coming closer to this.
  • All your past discontentment has been related to moving away from this.
  • If you cannot feel it, it is not for you, it is not your calling & none of your skills would matter in relation to it.

Your Energy management

  • Creative problem-solving needs to be your breathing oxygen
  • Constantly self-challenged, accepting no limits
  • Pursuing adversity should be your habitual attitude
  • You must view failure as opportunity for deeper immersion & as fuel for creativity
  • Being Determined, Obsessive, Compulsive, Perfectionist are a must
  • You must have developed an emotional conditioning that mobilises your energy management:
    either by accumulating energy through frustration, obsessiveness, arrogance
    OR releasing/vacuuming-out energy through sense of futility, depression, addiction.
    Ideally both in rotation.
    If you have not repeatedly experiencing these in your life till now, this is not your mission OR you are in denial, OR you are not ready yet. Without them, you will crash & burn by the weight of this project

Present yourself in a free-flowing letter describing not just your skills & experience but also elaborating on the sections of your existential philosophy, energy management & why this is a calling for you.