No points for completing challanges?

I’ve completed some challanges but I still have 0 points on my profile. Is this normal? I think I’m missing something…
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retired challenges/machines give 0 points.
to get points, solve the active ones.

Thanks for your reply, but I’m talking about active challanges.

EDIT: for example this one: Hack The Box

I’ve solved it, but in my profile I still see 0 points.

Your final score, the points, are calculated based on the points for challenges, machines, …
The formula is:

(userOwnPoints + systemOwnPoints + challengeOwnPoints + fortressOwnPoints + endgameOwnPoints + userBloodPoints + systemBloodPoints + challengeBloodPoints) * ownershipPercentage

See HTB Help: Introduction to Hack The Box

10 challengeOwnPoints were multiplied by the ownerShipPercentage could be less than 1 point in the final score.

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