Need to make a Vulnerable Machine For My CTF

So basically. i am making a CTF for my group which is getting pretty big now and they wanna test themselves to see which team is better. HTTP 404 or Big Black Backets. And my main problem is making a vulnerable machine. The CTF is like this:
2 main computers (1 for Each Team)

4 Neutral ones (Wich you can Capture these will be boxes all around the internet)

The twist:
in the neutral ones there will be a file with 2 parts of a IP:
Team 1 : 10.
Team 2 : 22.

And my main problem is also that I cant make the Main PC the same for both teams so i need to make them different without making 1 harder than the other one. if anyone can help me. please do so…
You can contact me on Discord: Thomas#3693
Or just here

Sorry if the message is a bit unclear!

did you get some solution ?