Module "WEB requests". To get the flag, use cURL to download the file returned by '/download.php' in the above server

You need elevated permissions. Use sudo when editing the file.

I entered the cmd below, but I can’t download the file named download.php
curl -0

That IP address and the port number is what the question ask to use. Can someone help me here.

you have to submit the key inside the file that you downloaded from server

so the syntax will be :

curl -O ipaddress:port/download.php


cat download.php

then you will get key inside the file , that key you have to submit as an answer.

The problem is, that cmd is not downloading the file. I have tried this on multiple days on different IPs. Could you try it.

[β˜…]$ pwd
└──╼ [β˜…]$ ls
Desktop Documents Downloads Templates
└──╼ [β˜…]$ curl -0
└──╼ [β˜…]$ ls
Desktop Documents Downloads Templates
└──╼ [β˜…]$

inside the question you will see swap with target system option. first click on that then you will get
the ip with port then use that ip and port for download.

for instance : syntax will look like this
curl -O // here -O means --remote-name Write output to a file named as the remote file

then cat download.php or you can also use text editor because the purpose is only to get the key from download.php