MacOS Fundamentals

Can anyone please help me with this question during the MacOS Fundamentals module:

Search ‘homebrew’ for ‘tmux’, and one of the results ends in ‘nator’. What is the full name of this package?

I don’t have a Mac… The clue is ‘its a formulae’

Many thanks in advance!

doesn’t it give you a MacOS instance?

No, only the usual Parrot OS… I could try to download a VM

tbh I was only doing the Mac fundamentals because I’ve done the Windows and Linux modules, not sure if I will be using a Mac very often moving forward

Ive searched the forums for the answer and someone has asked this question before, however it was 2yr ago and the answer they were given doesn’t work or make sense with ref to the clue

You need a Mac to complete this module
Look at the disclaimer

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that’s unfortunate but still try to finish what you started, maybe make a VM or find a friend with mac or something

I know it is late. However the answer is tmuxinator