Low-level intensity Attack on HTTP


I hope everyone is okay.

I am doing a research project for my Bachelor of IT (honours) on Machine Learning for Cloud Security.

I will be installing Oracle Virtualbox on my Macbook pro (32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, i7 Quad-Core). In addition, I will be using Kali Linux, an MS Windows Server 2019 as a Domain Controller, an MS-Windows Server as a Webserver with a website hosted on it. An MS Windows 10 machine as a Client workstation. There will be another MS Windows server to capture all the network traffic, primarily HTTP altogether; there will be four servers and one client machine. All of these machines will be installed and configured in the Oracle Virtualbox, although to my knowledge Virtualbox lack the capability for Putty.
Using the Kali Linux machine, I will perform a low-intensity DDoS attack on the HTTP protocol of the MS Windows webserver. The Kali machine will be on a separate network address as I want to show that the attacker is attacking from outside the network. Rest all the rest of servers will be on the same network address
I want to perform a low-level intensity attack on the HTTP protocol. This attack will be made on the webserver. The standalone server will be part of the domain controller on which I want to capture network traffic.
The reason for capturing network traffic is to run Support Vector Machine (SVM) on it for training and then run SVM for testing. Training can be one script, and testing can be another script.
Now my query is
How is it possible to perform an attack from one separate network to another different network resource?
Is there any good tools or script to perform a low-level intensity attack on the HTTP protocol on an MS Windows webserver?
The attack is performed on the webserver, and I want to capture network traffic on another standalone server. How it can be done, and which software or tools should I use.?
I shall be highly grateful if someone can guide me in this.

Thanks & Regard,
Osama Faheem