Looking for the most capable hackers


As the title of my topic is saying, I am looking for the most capable hackers on this forum. I have a huge project planned and I want to discuss with at least one very good hacker about it.

The hacker will get paid before anything else happens! I am offering a very big sum of money, if I am the opinion that the hacker who contacted me is serious and an expert at what he does.

Scammers, rippers and wannabe hackers…for your own safety: stay away and don’t contact me, otherwise you will get a lot of problems and I promise you, I am not the type of person that you want to have problems with.

To the “smart” people who will leave very “smart” comments on my topic…spare your and my time and don’t write anything if you know that your IQ doesn’t exceed the 2-digit mark.

To the competent people who will want to contact me, here is my email address:


I will also appreciate people who will help me get on other “hacker forums”. I am not that experienced in the hacker forum community and I don’t know where I can find such people. Forum tips are welcomed.

More details about my project will be shared in private.

I hope that I will get enough competent replies.

Take care and only trust yourself!