looking for a team to join

Yes @sesha569, that’s it. Just accept and let’s start rocking

Done. Joined. Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:


Interested. Still working on the oscp-labs.

I’d like to join as well. Going for OSCP atm too…

I’m also going for OSCP. Done with labs. Planning to take the exam in the next month. Would like to join a team. Hack The Box

Hi I’d be interested as well. Starting my OSCP labs in Feb, so I should be active on here at least until then.

Hi, I just finished my labtime in OSCP, planning to practice here at HTB, taking an exam (probably failing), then buying more OSCP labtime in the summer. Would love to have a team to talk with during this time ( and afterwards ). If some team was created, I would love to join in!

Hi, I would love to join a team that is beginner friendly, currently am doing the PTP course from eLearnSecurity and after finishing it, planing on tackling the OSCP

Hi everybody! I’d like to join a team for beginner!

hay guys add me too … or shall we all form one team?


Beginner here…looking for team as well. Using HTB VIP for practice towards OSCP later this year

I am also interested to join

Hi, I’m new to this … Looking for a team to join.

Hi all, I love to have you on my team, who say I ? PLease PM to discuss it and send the invitation… I’m n3v1l here and on Discord HTB Channel

hey ok so im back sorry about that guys but im all up to make a team

Hey guy so I’ll host a server on discord and DM me if u want to join it sorry I got my shit taken away for a while but I got it all back now

@salamander said:
Ok, where’s @j4ilbr3k ? He’s the one who started the thread but disappeared since November. Has anyone already created the team?
@salamander I’m back bro sorry about that I got my shit taken away but got it back now could you invite me to the team if u can.

Hello everyone. Sorry to announce, but the team initially created is already full. But please, let’s use this thread for you guys meet each other and create your own team. Go hack together guys!