Kaspersky Detected "Trojan.Powershell.cobalt" on Intro to Digital Forensics

Hey there,

I apologize if this has been addressed before, but I did a search and I couldn’t find any information on this.
Anyway, I’m working through the Intro to Digital Forensics on HTB Academy. Towards the end when I click on the next module “Practical Digital Forensics Scenario,” I get a warning from my AV that the site contains a “dangerous object”. I’ve included a screenshot of the warning below. I’ve been using HTB for quite a while now and I’ve never encountered this issue before. A quick Google search seems to suggest that it is, in fact, a malicious threat. Any insight would be appreciated.

I haven’t done this specific module but given the module topic, it containing malware or indicators of such doesn’t seem abnormal.

This message is displayed because in this module there is a “malicious” file that could be a threat. The file could actually be a malicious file that will be dangerous for your computer, or just a harmless file that simulates malware. That’s why you must perform forensic activities in a control environment, such as a Virtual Machine.