Make sure your “<” “/” “>” symbols are in place.
For how to format a tag see:

Type your comment> @DanielRossi said:

I tried ‘<‘a href=“”>Click Me</a’>’ without success

get rid of “http://”
Click Me
‘<‘a href=“”>Click Me</a’>’
this should do it. at least it works for me

Hello! I had the correct awnser as in “The awnser worked at giving me the correct outcome” but it wasn’t the correct awnser to the page itself so i copied the awnser from here. Now im having the problem of the page being stuck after submitting my awnser. im 100% sure that the awnser is correct but i just do not get a response from the server at all. Not a red of a green one

Also. Inputting a obviously incorrect awnser such as “d” give me the red mark withing milliseconds

Guys if you are stuck at answer submitting portion of html injection. try to copy paste the text in the web page (its a sentence).

read the hint, you get the idea :wink: