Information Gathering

I’m having real issues with skill assesment in this module.

none of the “right” answers are accepted.

for ex.
What is the registrar IANA ID number for the domain?

when i do:

i get the following answer:

If i then input 292, i get the wrong answer.

same with the question:

What is the last mailserver returned when querying the MX records for

My command is:
nslookup -type=MX


hint says it has a 5 in it and when i input: i still get the wrong answer.

Either i am missing something or this module is broken.

If the module isn’t put as hard then the answers shouldn’t be hard-to-find. Try it again with a new vpn connection and if it doesn’t work then you need to look deeper

Problem is bro, there is no way to dig deeper as they are public domains. Not private ones made by htb.

Today, my answers were accepted ■■■■. Yesterday it was just throwing errors at me with the same answers XD


yeah a lot of the times it could be the sites problem probably due to load of traffic.