I left a Payload on the virtual machine, stupidly, could someone tell me if there is a problem?

Hello and yes, I know it must be a lot more stupid to ask, but I’m really new to the page and I don’t want to be banned for a silly mistake. Anyway, while I was hacking, I tried to put a Payload to try to access the super user settings (don’t criticize me, please, I still can’t pay for a professional pentest course, and even without having much knowledge I broke into the login site and even this machine) but when I finished hacking, I restarted the machine without removing this file. After half an hour I remembered that he was there and when I hacked the machine again to undo this error I didn’t find it. Is there a penalty for this case? Please don’t be hard on me, I really want to be a Pentester, but for now I’m trying as hard as possible to get knowledge. Thank you.

Your attention and worry about being legal is a good start already.
Of course when you reset the machine everything is removed and the box gets back to original state, its a good habit to clean up after yourself which you should do, there is no penalty for omitting it, and at worst case will spoil for the other players, you don’t want get spoiled a good box do you?
Good luck dude on your journey.

Thank you very much for answering my question, I was really worried about it, I didn’t want to ruin any of the machines or even harm people. I am really grateful. In fact, I’m sorry if my English is a little bad.