Hydra to attack an Android virtual machine

hi everyone

I was just wondering if hydra is able to be used to attack virtual machines or is it only web applications? I’m trying to use hydra as part of my masters project to crack a password i’ve set on an android vm but all that happens when I input the code is it says: “all children were disabled due too many connection errors”.

I’ve basically designed 3 vms. One to attack the android vm, a vm to analyse network traffic using wireshark and the actual android vm. I’ve set them on their own internal network so no internet traffic comes in. The machines are all on the network successfully because they have the correct IP address. The machines promiscuous mode has also been set to accept all VM traffic, so packets have actually been intercepted between the virtual machines. So far, i’m only getting ARP messages though on wireshark.

I’m not really interested in the attacks being successful, i’m more interested in the packets from an attempted attack.

If hydra isn’t the tool to be in this case of brute force/dictionary attacks, can people advise better alternatives? I’m thinking johntheripper or hashcat but my knowledge is relatively limited of them at the moment.

Thank you for any help and advice you can give