HTB - point system

Can someone explain me the point system, pls?

Yesterday, I solved my first three challenges. After I submitted the flags, it says that I earned points… 20 and 30 point per challenge. in my profile → activity it says that I got 2 and 3 Point per challenge. And my profile shows zero points.

30 points, 3 points or zero points… I’m confused :wink:

On our profile page just below the number of points is written “points (i)”.

You can click on the “(i)” and read your point breakdown. There are some formulas. Your points per challenge are in the calculation included Additional the Total point is an integer, so it is rounded to 0 at last.

thx, for the link to my point breakdown, that explains everything. :smile:

BTW: I can’t find the “(i)” on the profile page (beta ui) - maybe I’m blind?

I must confirm that there is no ⓘ behind the text “POINTS” on the beta UI of the profile. I did not find any description of the formulas in the beta GUI.

I am used to the old GUI. The profile on the classic GUI looks quite different and shows the ⓘ with the link to the point breakdown behind the text “Points”.