[htb academy] file inclusion

Assistance with the following question

“Fuzz the web application for other php scripts, and then read one of the configuration files and submit the database password as the answer”

I’ve done the FUZZ part but struggeling how to browse the files.

Just find the right place to try the “php://filter/read=convert.base64-encode/resource=”.

Got it, thanks for the assist!

With pleasure :slight_smile:

I tried that but it doesn’t show on the webpage. Can you help please?

Make sure to place a file in “php://filter/read=convert.base64-encode/resource=/etc/passwd”. You can change “/etc/passwd” to the file you want to read. In case you don’t see anything, you can press “ctrl + u” for a better visibility of the data. Hope I can help you!

I’m clueless.

Once you have completed the Fuzz. Use “php://filter/read=convert.base64-encode/resource=/etc/passwd" to browse to the file. (add to URL)
You will need to change the resource from /etc/passwd to what was fuzzed.

Hope this helps

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As AGHCYBER mentions, when fuzzing a parameter or finding it, it could be something similar to http:///?page=php://filter/convert.base64-encode/resource=/etc/passwd.

Same problem here. Took everyone’s advice but it’s still not working.


and decrypt with base 64