How up-to-date are the hacking techniques

I have been learning the starting tiers and after using some of this like the smbclient on my own network machines I have noticed that in the starting its using SMB1 but my machines are windows 10 and 11 so use SMB2. How relevant is the hacks we are learning in this with SMB 2 and 3 being used. Or is this just to show you a starting method and then we have to discover more programs to do what is currently out there. I want to protect my network so don’t want to spend time learning old stuff that is already out of date in a current network. Any help would be appreciated, cheers

I think you start off basic and using a lot of tools and as you get more knowledge you move to manual exploitation and the creation of custom tools for more modern systems. I think understanding the old vulnerabilities and how they were patched is fundamental to finding weaknesses in more modern systems. As you progress the tasks become more realistic.

Also many systems we encounter in the wild for a variety of reasons are running old OS’s and software, which are still vulnerable to many basic exploits.

Thanks for your reply. That’s good to know I am on the right track then. thanks!

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