How to unblock the bandwidth on the sfr fiber box

How to unblock the bandwidth on the sfr fiber box?


I have a problem with my bandwidth while I am connected with the sfr fiber.
I am connected to the ethernet cable
At the very beginning, everything worked perfectly with a download that went between 10 to 30 Mb/s.
Today, I’m at 100Kb/s, a spectacular regression… :-/
I have tried several things given by Internet users but nothing helps:

  • Use a vpn to bypass the throttling if that’s the case.
  • Computer configuration > Administration templates > Network > QoS scheduler > Check the box “Enabled” and change the value from 20% to 0% and click on “OK”.
  • Network and Internet Settings > Modify Adapter Options > Speed and Duplex" and on “Value” > 1.0Gbps
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ServicesTcpip\Parameters > TcpWindowSize > Decimal > from 65535 to 131072

Nothing has changed for the download, still around 100Kb/s.
That’s why I’m turning to you to find another solution. Thanks in advance for your help.

PS: I have a modem model NB6VAC-FXC-r0