How to submit final flag ?

Hello All,

I am getting issues in submit flag on dashboard.I have hashes of both files user.txt and root.txt . I tried both with {hash} or without bracket.

Anyone can give me hint for it ?

Thanks in Advanced.

If you go to the page of the respective machine, there are buttons to submit the hashes (labelled “Own User” and “Own root”, respectively). You need to put in the hash exactly as is written inside the files. Don’t add any symbol to them.

If the hashes are not accepted, you might have the wrong files (in some machines there are files that might look like the user.txt or maybe another evil user modified it) or you might try to submit them on the wrong machine page.

To me, it sounds a bit like you are hashing the files yourself and trying to input these hashes? If yes, that’ s not what’s supposed to do. Simply open the files and copy the hash in them, that’s what you need to submit.


You can submit the flags on the machine’s page:

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Thanks for the help. I appreciate.

Thanks All :smile:

When you submit a flag and the ‘submit’ button wont work, try using the slider barto give the machine a difficulty level that you thought it was. Suddenly, the ‘submit’ button will appear.

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