How to crack TCPwrapped?

Hey, I’m a kid and I have started a challenge with my father, the challenge states that if I hack a server that is set up on his computer, he will buy me a new laptop(mine is 11 years old). Deadline will be in one month. As you can understand my father doesn’t want me to hack it, so server has some TCPwrapper set up. I googled it, and found out, that it gives access to some concrete hosts, so first - I don’t think I will have a new laptop in one month, second - I still want to find out, how to bypass this TCPwrapper, cause I can take out of it’s description that it is important to know it’s vulnerabilities as a cyber security specialist.

So I ran Nmap again and got 2 nginx servers and 1 OpenSSH server, OpenSSH server requires some public key. Idk what is nginx.