How many files exist on the system that have the ".log" file extension?

find / -type f -name *.log 2>/dev/null | wc -l

Reading the question carefully

  • It says “on the system”, this indicates the path
  • then you need to be smart about the issue you see. it is using all you learned in this particular area

I did this and gort the right answer. Yes I had to read it carefully to get to my results

For anyone searching through this who still needs help

1.) In VM → open terminal and type ‘ssh htb-student@(TARGET IP)’
2.) enter password i.e (HTB_@cademy_stdnt!)
NOTE: You spawn in the wrong directory! To Fix:
3.) type ‘cd…’ until you are in ‘htb-student@nixfund:/$’ . This is the directory for ENTIRE target system.
4.) Now type find -type f -name * .log | wc -l (< Thats an L)
5.) Now you should have the correct answer (mine was 32, could be random for everyone)

~Good Luck