Hexagon code breaking challenge

This isn’t related to HTB, but I figured you guys might be up for the challenge as it reminded me of some CTF stuff.

Basically its a puzzle that was included as part of a video game launch a while ago, and whilst we know what the final answer is because someone figured it out some time ago, there’s no documentation of exactly how they got the final answer and I’m just really curious how it was solved.

So here’s the two parts to the puzzle: Control ARG - Album on Imgur

Some “morse code” and 3 hexagons.

I say morse code in quotes because it doesn’t appear to be valid morse code, so is presumably telling us something about how to interpret the hexagons.

The final answer that was gotten from those images linked above is “97C1A3” . Like I said though, I’m trying to understand HOW they got that answer

Apparently each hexagon corresponds to 2 characters from that final 6 digit string that is the answer. I’m not sure if they are in the correct order in that image though (i.e. the first hexagon in the image might not represent 97, it might be the middle one or the last one).

Presumably the characters in the final answer are hex, but it doesn’t help much because converting each pair of characters to binary only gives us 8 bits and each hexagon has more sections than that. The morse code also has more sections than that in both dashes and dots.

So yeah, any ideas welcome!