Having trouble with HTB academy: HTTP attacks. TE.TE

I’m having trouble with the question for the TE.TE section. I can’t get the server to even return a 405.

I’ve tried
Transfer-Encoding: chunked



I’ve tried it with the space before, the space after, the vertical tab, the horizontal tab, the testchunked. Ive tried to flip the content-length and transfer encodings. I even went on payloadallthethings and tried all of their payloads. Nothing. Any help would be appreciated


same for me , did you succeed ?

EDIT : GOT IT , use the vertical tab

Dude, what am I doing wrong?

which question is it ? because i did it months ago , need to refresh my memory ….


you have to intercept the request and then modify it the hex tab of burp. You have to replace the space just before chunked by the hex value of the vertical tab and not the horizontal tab.