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Hello everyone!

I’m very new to the world of cybersecurity. I have been doing a lot of studying on HTB Academy, and I’ve also been using other resources to learn things like Python. I am absolutely in love with computer-sci/cybersecurity, and am looking for other resources to help further my learning. I have way too much time on my hands, and would love some recommendations.

If you had to recommend some extra resources, what would they be, and why? I have a good background in mathematics, and I feel like I’m getting a better understanding of computer-sci, so don’t be hesitant in your recommendations. I would love a book that could really dig into the weeds, especially if it explains some math related stuff. I’d also love to hear any general advice you guys may have.

Thanks for any advice you guys might give me. Press on!


My first idea: Math ∩ Computer Security ∈ Computational Number Theory

By a web search you will find several books and PDF about this knowledge area. It is a deep dive into the basics encryption theory.

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Thank you! I’ve gone ahead and downloaded a decent book on the subject. I’ll be sure to study it!

I should say me too, although I am mainly coming from the mathematical side. Of course, I’ve always found that computer security has a unique approach on computer science concepts, and similar to you, it fascinates me too!

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I know you already have a resource for Python, but I recommend the free learning website edube.org

They have free courses for Python, Java Script, C, and C++. They provide an easy to use sandbox to follow along as well.

I think the Burp Suite Academy complements the Bug Bounty Hunter Path in the academy. It is free as well. Their learning material isn’t as complete, but their challenges are very thorough.

Another cool place for learning resources are the whitepapers that get shared on Packet Storm. Whitepaper Files ≈ Packet Storm


picoCTF has alot nice challenges in rising difficulties. There i learned a lot for HTB.
And JuiceShop is also very nice to start with.

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