Dante - Problem proxychains

The other day I was doing the part of Seclusion is an illusion i used proxychains for access firefox and the IP. I could do a LFI without any problems. But since I had to go I stopped for continuing other day. Today I tried to continue but now I cant do any LFI I always got an Unable to connect error. But the main page of the hosting works fine. On my terminal with proxychains I get always this

|DNS-response|: push.services.mozilla.com does not exist

I have socks5 1080 on my /etc/proxychains.conf
I also tryid to do service tor start, service tor status, service tor restart because I read about it in many forums but nothing…

Any idea??
Thanks in advance

It sounds like you are probably tunneling DNS which could be causing the issues. It’s a configuration option in proxychains.conf. Restarting TOR won’t do anything because you aren’t using TOR in this case.