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Nobody ? I rooted all machines I have xslx file and I dump all the files and creds in all machines but I’m stuck behind WS02 nothing work I try b* with all credentials and users and with different wordlists I return in each machine to see if I missed something but I found nothing running findstr in windows machines and find in Linux machines and inspect each folder with rdp for windows and each in Linux.

Can I have some help it’s very frustrating

Someone deleted something.

Hello , it’s me or the machines on the second subnet are very very very unstable ?
evilwinrm break all time …


I am stuck on a machine DANTE-NIX02 i have found the cred via S K* but when using the creds to switch user i am getting authentication failure. Is someone else is facing the same issue?

can you give me some a tip on how you found F**** creds? i have been stuck on this for days. I cant find any Sl*** files that help.

can you give me a nudge on getting root from Frank?

Can someone give me a nudge on Nix02, i have Fr*** shell access and i am trying to get root.

Updated: i figured it out

Hey all, I’m working through Dante with my company’s HTB Enterprise license so things may be slightly different but I’m running into a wall with WS03. Trying to get it to talk back to my pwnbox is proving… difficult. I’m able to get a command prompt running (user is b****), but when I try to forward a specific port back to my local machine WS03 is unable to find my machine (despite being able to forward the command prompt).

I can explain a bit more in detail in PMs but don’t want to spoil something for those who have the same issue.

I saw some previous replies involving checking privileges, but I’m also struggling on how I’d go about attempting PrivEsc here, so that may be the first step I’d need

Can someone give me a nudge on how to find the admin network? I have been through all of the initial boxes and found one with an “extended network” but no obvious routes to anywhere else. Please help.

Update: i am uncovering some new info using ARP and Route and think i have a lead on a new IP

Update: i found a new machine that didnt come up on the initial host scans, .13, which i am hoping gives me a lead, i already found the initial exploit, and i am dumping data now. Hope i am on the correct track.

Can anyone give me some pointers on the file i need to find on dc01?

Update: figured it out with some tips from @MikeHotel

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Can anyone provide pointers for the priv esc on WS02? I have an idea what to do but i am running into a permissions issue.

Update: i figured this out

Still having a hard time figuring out this admin network entry point.

I am stuck at the with two usernames and a w**dp**** login page. I tried cewl but im not getting any hits. Completely lost here

same here :frowning:
tried bruteforcing and got nothing…
UPD: done

I am planning to buy a prolab from HTB. I don’t have any experience on how to pentest a network. I saw in HTB that all the prolabs are in a subnet like this . I don’t know where to start and how to proceed. Need help in deciding how to pentest such subnets. Is there any tactics or anything. I am totally confused. So far, I have solved around 80 boxes in HTB and I was confident on solving them as they have only 1 IP but this thing seems complicated, Help me out :slight_smile:

Hey im stuck at NIX04 found the vulnerability but cant get an initial foothold. Would greatly appreciate it if someone could assist me.

update: nvm got it.

2 week that I work on NIX05 without flag. Someone can help me please?

Hi Anyone can give me a nudge. I have found the admin network. But i am not able to do pivot on that Network.

Hi, Im stucked on the last flag “It doesn’t get any easier than this”.
I dont really know what should i do, i have pwned every machine, except FW01, can someone give me a hint of what i supposed to do ? i dont know how to get to the firewall, cause it says the is out of scope.