Command Injections - Bypassing Other Blacklisted Characters

Hey. I’ve been stuck with this question. " Use what you learned in this section to find name of the user in the ‘/home’ folder. What user did you find?"

I’ve tried some payloads like${LS_COLORS:10:1}${IFS}{${LS_COLORS:14:1}${LS_COLORS:38:1},$(tr ‘!-}’ ‘"-~’<<<.gnld)},${LS_COLORS:10:1}${IFS}{${LS_COLORS:14:1}${LS_COLORS:38:1},${PATH:0:5},
but none of them works. It just returns something like this

Can someone give me a hint how to solve the question?

I updated my payload to${LS_COLORS:10:1}${LS_COLORS:14:1}${LS_COLORS:38:1}${IFS}${HOME:0:5}${LS_COLORS:10:1}${LS_COLORS:14:1}${LS_COLORS:38:1}${IFS}${HOME:0:1}${LS_COLORS:24:1}${LS_COLORS:39:1}${LS_COLORS:23:1}${LS_COLORS:152:1}
But this is what I get so far. I need help.