Challenge: Kryptic Ransomware

Owned, thanks to @Kucharskov for keeping me in the right direction

Got it. Thanks @clubby789

I found the position but when i get “Sattelite is repositioning…”
Is this a bug or the challenge is not over yet lol ?

@LukuRajad said:

I found the position but when i get “Sattelite is repositioning…”

The website is basically a wrapper for AES decryption, using your coords as the key. That error means that there was an error during decryption. Your coords/format is wrong

i guess challenge got broken.
pm’ed author

Found some interesting

!WHOIS records
but got stuck after that. The coords linked to those weren’t correct so I must be barking up the wrong tree. Time to try harder.

But now its challenge dont work how it must do.
We can’t finish this challenge without help now.
If you need help pm me.

Yeah, the challenge looks broken now for the first step. I solved it a few days ago but when trying to help someone just now, I saw the information has changed now and I don’t think one can get past the first step without help. Needs to be fixed.

The first step is indeed broken, send me a PM if you need help.

Finally got this… thanks to @roaldnefs for the first hint(which is now gone) and the nudge

Any updates? is it still broken?

Thank you @roaldnefs for sending me the right information after it got broken.
That was really fun.

After PM’ing @roaldnefs, I believe I was already past the “broken” part and got the required info. Now I just need to dig deeper for more information I guess. Will update if I manage to get further or solve the challenge.

For now my tips would be:
don’t rely on WHOIS, as that got changed.
remember it’s an OSINT challenge.

Got it, only thing I would say is follow the handle :slight_smile: First step is fixed.

@roaldnefs helped me with the correct info for first step (which as @godylocks says is now fixed). but then got completely stuck on the next stage. i’ve tried several locations for different events, etc but sounds like i’m not at the location stage yet anyway… is it obvious when you find the correct place? i noticed that if i search an address on google maps then the co-ords change depending on my level of zoom.

I am in the same boat @daverules. I’ve searched for the coordinates of those events but none of them are working. We must be ignoring something important. Thanks to @roaldnefs for the help.

Struggling around the first step I think, a nudge would be appreciated.

Type your comment> @m4rchy said:

Struggling around the first step I think, a nudge would be appreciated.

same. not sure if the first step is still broken or what…

Just checked the previously broken part and it seems fixed again. Don’t forget that it’s an OSINT challenge.

Thanks to @roaldnefs for the nudge. Respect given on the main HTB page. Pointed me in a direction I hadn’t thought of