hey guys, i’m a lil confused by HTB categories
imagine i want to learn some in OSINT field or XSS or …
how can i find related machines?
and everything seems a lil straight forward like just privilage escalation and it’s done!!
i think i’m wrong, so thank u 4 ur kind advices

In the challenges, the ones which are listed under OSINT are there to help you practice OSINT.

If they are listed under Forensics, then its to help you practice forensics etc.

Pwn tend to be binary exploitation; web are web based attacks which can be a range of topics; Mobile are generally android or iOS; reversing are reverse engineering; crypto is a mix of madness around types of cryptography; stego challenges are similar but involve various ways to hide things.

The odd on out is “misc” which is basically everything else.

Really, the clue is in the name.

I don’t really think boxes here are straightforward. I think the paths are very diverse.

Categorising a machine would be a mayor spoiler, cause it would immensely narrow the search for anyone doing a box. So in that sense, boxes are not really categorized in specific problem categories and I don’t expect them to be any time soon… however, a list as you seem to be looking for can be a very valuable thing.

For myself: the boxes I did, recently I started keeping such lists, keeping track of say every box that had LFI as a hurdle.

I mainly started making these lists because it allows me to test a bunch of machines when I need to.
Like currently I’m working on specific detection software and if I wrote a detection, I’ll need a sample as big as possible to see if it holds up in all those oddball situations.

Point is: I don’t know of such lists, but I value them highly as learning tool. Worth making your own if you ask me.

There are sites that do have very targeted categories, like the portswigger lessons, software like webgoat and alike. And there’s a website out there as well, structured as a bunch of topics and small problems, but I can’t recall the name… it has this long-ass list of problem broken down in degree of difficulty and you can see alternate solutions as soon as you post your own solution. Maybe such sites can help as well.