After doing the B** H*****, I managed to see something coming in to e** 2 at some interval in t****p.

But I have no idea am i supposed to look for.

Any hints?

I would be grateful for a bit of help. I’m into the control panel and trying to RCE c****k but everything I try doesn’t work. Could someone please PM me some help?

I think I managed to do the B** thing and found the f** server, but I don’t know what’s happening.

Can anybody PM and advise if I’m on the right track for root.txt?

I have logged in. I found the thing that shows where things run. I am drawing blank on what to do next. Can someone PM me with a nudge?

Nice machine @snowscan. The secretdata did make me laugh , out loud :wink:

Hey everyone. Still new to all this. Ended up finishing the Access machine following IppSec’s video and taking notes. Working on this one now and following along with his video exactly as he does. When he sets up his listener using Nt, I’m getting “listening on [any] 9001 …” I didn’t have this problem with Access when using the same Nt command. Any ideas? I need it to listen so I can get reverse shell. Everything is going fine with B**p.

Working on this box now? It has went down 3 times since i started my enumeration. Why?