Cannot Connect Via NoMachine

Absolutely fed up with trying to connect to the NoMachine target via the PwnBox… i hit the generic beige login screen but no credentials will let me access the target to complete the objectives, and the support chat is a bit of a joke if you want timely answers or help.

Has anyone successfully used the NoMachine in the Wireshark module? Someone mentioned that since HTB is UK based, they have some sort of weird keyboard layout that makes the @ symbol not work.

Is this frustration meant to be part of the pentesting experience? haha

Figured it out right after making this topic (naturally)

the @ symbol is two keys to the right of the L key

so pressing SHIFT + " will let you type the @ key, since i did not see any way to copy/paste into the NoMachine

anyway, wanted to post the solution in case it helps someone in the future