Artistic activities secondly by ensuring

The role of power visàvis Art is of course neither to give birth to it nor to replace it nor to direct it. He just needs to provide her with favorable growth conditions and sufficient living space. In other words it is a technocratic and not an artistic activity. A country in other words has the type extent and quality of art that its artists choose and can serve and not that which is chosen and favored by the respective holders. In other words the power does not interfere but it helps. In general it fulfills this role firstly by financially supporting appropriate conditions and conditions for the development of the arts and thirdly by facilitating the promotion of the works and their communication with the local and foreign public.

A very big role must be played in this effort by artistic education which will contribute to the creation e-commerce photo editing of future artists as well as to the creation of a qualified public. The State must here play its countervailing role visàvis the very logically and democratically free private initiative whose springs whether noble or humble usually serve purposes other than art though not necessarily contradictory to it . Precisely because the State has the most general educational responsibility A big mistake a mistake that is also committed in the rest of Europe is to judge the type and quality of supported artistic activities by the simultaneous serving of other purposes and areas of government policy.


Even if these areas are of great value and importance for society as a whole and for the wellintentioned exercise of politics for the sake of this whole it must be realized that the benefits arising from the development of the arts although indisputable are longterm and measured qualitatively and not quantitatively. If this is not accepted then any discussion about state support of the arts is redundant and it will be more honest and effective to follow a procedure similar to that which prevails in private sponsorships with the State where the satisfaction of measurable and ultimately economic results is weighed.