I am so lost on this one. PM with a hint. I used p*** but probably wrong.

Thanks for the hint

After searching Google i actually had the right results but i couldn’t believe it was that ridiculous so i just skipped it. Only after this thread it hit me.
Guess we need to try everything :dizzy:

nice challenge! feel free to contact if help needed.

Type your comment> @JChris said:

This is a really simple challenge once you know what it’s about. I can only say that in the world there are many programming languages, even crazy ones, go look for them!

Thanks for the tip ! I went down till bruteforcing the image with stegcracker only to find out it was a shithole. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i used online decomplier( based on the hint of monogramming lang) to decompile the image and i got the flag. But the flag is not getting accepted.
Somebody plzz help me.

this one made me smile.

This was too fun. I wanna make messages like this and see if friends can figure it out.

any somebody will help nudge for me? stuck here

this one made me smile.