Archetype Winpeas 20220529 not discovering creds in home

Hi, while going though the archetype challange my winpeas doesn’t seem to find the creds in home even though if I search for them manually they exist and the walkthrough screenshot says they are there. Can anybody confirm they have the same issue and if so maybe we can improve the box so that it consistantly gives the creds in home.

I agree that the write-up should be revised to reflect recent changes in output format for winPEAS. Since this box is a Starting Point box, the document maintainers should be regularly revisiting these so beginners don’t become discouraged by non-related issues like incompatible versions.

Luckily, we still find the same files highlighted under the “Found History Files” and “Found Windows Files” sections that show us a tasty file we can look into for something we can use to privesc.