Antivirus bypassing and malware delivery techniques

Hello HTB community,

It’s not an easy question, but maybe there will be some folks who would share their experiences and give some insights.

My question is about AV bypassing techniques. I got OSCP, OSCE and was looking for some in-depth AV bypassing courses, as it seems like the next step, but there aren’t any…are there? Not really interested in any tools (sharpshooter, etc), they quickly get outdated and I want to learn how to do it myself, the real skill.

Then there is also the delivery issue. Say I got a reverse shell as an exe or macro in a doc. If its a word document, the target has to enable macros for the attack to proceed, hence there will be the security warning. If its an exe file, windows smartscreen won’t allow it to execute without the warning screen…All the techniques I checked, they all seem to have some sort of ‘warning’ that the target has to enable in order for them to work. Isn’t there a better way?

The social engineering books/courses I checked, they really don’t cover the technical aspects of malware delivery. It’s just a lot of water.

So my question is somewhat two-pronged, do you know any roadmaps/courses/trainings to get into in-depth AV bypassing? And the second one, the same question, but regarding the delivery mechanisms? Anything that doesn’t involve security warnings?