[ACADEMY] Windows Privilege Escalation Skills Assessment - Part I

You need first to priv esc to be able to search in the file system, I guess this question should be in the 3th position.

Try this script to find potential CLSID to work with : GetCLSID.ps1

Try using this powershell script to get potential CLSIDs (GetCLSID.ps1), and then you can also try to get the right ones using this one : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ohpe/juicy-potato/master/Test/test_clsid.bat

  1. Escalate Privs (Find a working CLSID to use with JuicyPotato, I started from bottom up on the .list in the github repo and it worked for me first try).
  2. Upload LaZagne.exe to target
  3. Run LaZagne.exe all