Academy-Moudle-Getting start-Privilege Escalation-Second Question

hi, guys.I got a problem on the second question :

i tried: ssh -p targetPort -i id_rsa root@targetIP
then it comes the error Load key “id_rsa”: error in libcrypto


The “id_rsa” file type is just id_rsa: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators,it seems not the type the OpenSSH can parse …

How can I resolve that ? I would be grateful for any help !!!

I figured it out!

try to transform CRLF to LF with dos2ascii command. Also have other tricks to clean a special character, for example with tr command or zip and unzip -a operation.


I used base64 to bypass it , but your answer is actually a hint , after your hint I searched on the differences about CRLF and LF thing , and i know where my problem was !!

I’m happy for you.

Ok, I did don’t want to type a answer directly, and if you would still have had problems you could always write in the forum.

Generally, a CRLF is a special caracter of termination used by Microsoft System, meantime the LF is the special caracter of termination used by *nix System. So, there are many ways and many tools for converting CRLF to LF and vice versa.