Academy/Intro to Network Traffic Analysis/Dissecting Network Traffic with Wireshark Questions

JUST host IP

Anytime I run into a problem on HTB, where I have the obvious answer and it doesn’t work, I log out of my account and log back in. Then retry the answer and it will work. They have a bug of some type. I am sure it can’t just be me. For a long time I thought I was loosing my mind. I would put the right answer in and it would say incorrect. After awhile I noticed if I came back the next day and put the exact same answer, it would accept it. I have tested this multiple times and found it to be a very consistent problem, this is my biggest ■■■■■ about HTB is this problem. Hope this helps

Am I supposed to be looking in the packet details tab for a username? I have filtered through different protocols and nothing looks obvious to me.

Hello my brothers and sisters. I am completely lost on the this wireshrak-lab2. I cannot connect to target IP. By reading the comments I see im supposed ot connect to NOMACHINE which is not in the instructions. tried doing that and nothing happens, says it not configured or something of that nature. I could really use some help.

if you click the interact button under the pawnbox linux machine that hack the box provides to you for learning, it will then open in a new window giving you a better view of pawnbox. after that you should spawn a target machine by clicking the spawn target machone button the target machine will then provide an IP address. you can then xfreerdp to that IP address using the /u:htb-student. after that you should be able to provide a password given HTB_…etc.

Thank you @mland410 much appreciated.