About universities

Hi guys.

How can i register myself to an university. i did found my U in the ranking, but i don’t know how to register me on it !

Also, how can I to create a New University ?

Maybe contact someone from the university? And, why do you need to create a new one if you already saw your university in the list?

Hi, tnk you for reply.

ok I will contact them.

uhmm. suppose that I want to change my currect university . So , in htb i need to change the old university for the new university but this don’t exist in the list ! how can i create it ?

In my city there are 2 principal universities, (Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad de Antioquia) - (UNAL and UdeA) .
UNAL there are in the list but UdeA doesn’t. How can I create UdeA in the Universities list ?

Additionally, how do i register my university (oxford) for the charts?